You're the Boss: Manage Your Disease

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You're the Boss:Manage Your Disease, shows you a powerful and deceptively simple lesson. You can manage your health and disease better than anyone else. You will learn the five vital steps that will help you take charge of your disease:

  • Learn everything you can about the disease.
  • Understand the diagnostic process.
  • Know the treatment options.
  • Monitor your disease.
  • Create a healing environment.

Harvard Medical School faculty member, Dr. Epler sets out these steps that will lead you to the awareness and confidence necessary to put you in the boss's chair. These fundamental steps work, no matter what health challenge you may have. Through engaging, entertaining stories, you will meet real people with real health challenges and discover: 1. How to learn about your disease, 2. How to understand the diagnostic process, 3. How to know your treatment options, 4. How to monitor your progress, and 5. How to create a healing environment. Practical and effective tips also guide you to ways to preserve good health, and retain, not surrender, control of your health, no matter what age you are, no matter what condition you may have. Implementing these five simple steps and being the boss of your health will not only enable you to get well, but stay well for life.

Inside “You’re The Boss: Manage Your Disease,” you’ll meet these people. You, a family member or a friend may be facing those very same challenges today.  Dr. Epler’s stories are derived from many years of working with patients. His story telling style makes this book informative, memorable, and  entertaining. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside the book:

  • A Five-Step Plan Leads to Control
  • Learn All You Can About Your Disease
  • Is This Test Necessary? Understanding the Diagnostic Process
  • Treatment Options: What’s Best for You
  • The Monitoring System: How Do I Feel Now?
  • Keys to Creating an Environment to Heal
  • At the End of the Journey
  • Reaching the Good-Health Plateau, and Staying There
  • No Surrender: Seniors Are Still in Charge of Their Health – Use the 20-Year Rule
  • Five Roads to Recovery: Now You Can Manage Your Health and Your Disease

The author, Gary R. Epler, M.D., has written the critically-acclaimed personalized health book, You’re the Boss: Manage Your Disease. He believes personalized health allows people to manage their health and disease. Dr. Epler is world-renowned for describing the lung disorder bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia (BOOP), which spurred international research and study. He has published books about occupational lung diseases, written more than 100 scientific articles, and presented some 350 lectures and seminars worldwide. He discovered a parasite in South America, chronicled the nutritional needs of North African children, and managed the tuberculosis refugee program in Southeast Asia. He is a frequent guest on radio and television. Active in his community, Dr. Epler has coached soccer, hockey, basketball, and baseball. He lives in the Boston area with his wife Joan and their two sons.

What are you waiting for? Order Dr. Epler’s book now and take charge of your health!

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Take charge of your disease.





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