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Peak Performance Leadership

Peak performance and leadership. This eBook chapter in Brian Tracy’s “Ignite Your Life” book contains 15 health practices for peak performance and leadership used by successful people all over the world. “Love life” is the first practice bookend and “Be Yourself” is the last practice bookend. The practices in between include eat, sleep, exercise, learn something new, positive social interaction, self-healing, expanded alpha-brainwave time, and others. Self-healing is a new practice that can be learned by everyone to help manage injuries and illnesses, decrease fear, and feel better. 

This is how to use this eBook chapter. Find yourself feeling low on energy, feeling bad or upset, having a non-productive day? Review these 15 practices - sleep, nutrition, exercise, compassion, being grateful, alpha-brainwave time, self-healing, and others. One or more of them will fix the problem. Print them out or learn them. Review when needed and get back on track. Life is about feeling good. About being creative. About enjoying the day. Follow these 15 practices from people all over the world, and you’re bound to see results.