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Every Job has Two Parts

Do you want to find the best people to help you? Make sure they do the second part of the job. Do you want to do the best job? Do the second part. There are two parts to every job. I had some work done on the house recently, replacing some wood that had become worn. The first part, they did a perfect job replacing the wood, couldn’t have been better. The second part, clean up and protect the house. They failed miserably with the second part. They left a mess. There were scraps of wood and paint on the grass, the flowers were trampled, and worse, there were deep gouges in the wood from the ... Read More

10 Steps to a High-Energy Day

Do you want to live a high-energy day, every day? You need to now more than ever. You need a huge amount of energy to live life to the fullest. Energy for work, for creativity, for the family, and to enjoy every minute of the day. I call this “Level-10 Energy.” It’s the energy of the universe. I discovered this through years of research looking for a way people can improve their lives. Level-10 Energy is fuel for life! What's a Level-10 Energy day? It's an amazing day. It’s one of those days you love to have. Everything goes well, you’re on top of the world, nothing bothers you, and you ca... Read More
How much energy do you have from a level-1 low energy day to an amazing “Level-10 Energy” Day?
Level-1 most days0%
Level-3 most days0%
Level-5 most days0%
Level-10 some days0%
Level-10 almost always0%