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Level-10 Energy Explanation for Synchronicity and Serendipity

Synchronicity occurs when two unrelated events come together to create a common outcome. Heads and tails are two unrelated opposites but are related as a coin. Serendipity is a happy coincidence or miracle discovery. There are many instances of seemingly unrelated events that nonetheless are united. For example, have you ever thought about a childhood friend or a roommate and when the phone rings, it’s that very person? Or, how a mother knows that her child is in danger and rushes to a distant scene to save her child? Or why scientists in two different countries make the same discovery sim... Read More

Energize the Workplace in 5 Steps for Maximal Productivity

Level-10 Energize the Workplace   Did you know that only 30% of employees are fully engaged in their work? Did you know that 10% of employees actually try to harm the company? These are grim numbers for both employers and employees. Energize people and turn the disengaged into a productive force. How? First, begin with a Level-10 Energy day. What’s a Level-10 Energy day? “It's like being on top of the world with no worries. It's doing anything you want without stress. It's the feeling of unlimited creativity and enjoying every minute of the day. It's the best feeling in the world. It's a w... Read More
How much energy do you have from a level-1 low energy day to an amazing “Level-10 Energy” Day?
Level-1 most days0%
Level-3 most days0%
Level-5 most days0%
Level-10 some days0%
Level-10 almost always0%