Level-10 Energy Explanation for Synchronicity and Serendipity

February 22 2014 – Gary Epler

Synchronicity occurs when two unrelated events come together to create a common outcome. Heads and tails are two unrelated opposites but are related as a coin. Serendipity is a happy coincidence or miracle discovery.

There are many instances of seemingly unrelated events that nonetheless are united. For example, have you ever thought about a childhood friend or a roommate and when the phone rings, it’s that very person? Or, how a mother knows that her child is in danger and rushes to a distant scene to save her child? Or why scientists in two different countries make the same discovery simultaneously?

How can thoughts be sent thousands of miles? They aren’t. These aren’t coincidences, nor are they simple statistics (e.g., a chance of 1 in 4.5 billion thoughts). It’s not the result of brainwaves either; they’re too short.

The answer is Level-10 Energy. Here’s how it works. It’s a five-component Einstein thought experiment.

First, Level-10 Energy consists of subatomic packets of pure energy, each one identical, and all are gregarious. They love to be near each other. These energy packets make up 70 percent of the universe and are expanding at an astonishing speed. That’s a huge amount of Level-10 Energy.

Second, these Level-10 Energy packets are like a hologram. Each one contains all of the information in the universe from the past, present, and future. Therefore, as you think about your friend or roommate, each Level-10 Energy packet in the universe already has the matching thought. There’s no lag time because time is not involved. These tiny packets of energy are in every cell of the body, including the brain and the source of thought. Therefore, your thoughts are instantly available.

Third, your thought has a unique Level-10 Energy configuration.

Fourth, there is an exact complementary replica of that thought in each of these holographic Level-10 Energy packets.

Fifth, these two configurations meld together causing the synchronicity or serendipity outcome. It’s like pieces of a puzzle with two separate pieces of Level-10 Energy forming a single piece.

The implications of this thought experiment are exciting. Your friend calling or the two scientists from separate laboratories creating the same result are random. But, what if we could learn to create these occurrences? We’ve been told there are opportunities all around us. This is true, but how do you connect with them? If you’re single, you know that the perfect spouse is somewhere, but how do you make the connection? You know there is an answer to a problem, how do you find it? 

The hologram nature of Level-10 Energy shows that all answers are available to us.

So, how do these thoughts meld together? Seeking out the corresponding thought is impossible as there are infinite thoughts available in the Level-10 Energy pool. Attracting the two energy thoughts together will not work as these are pure Level-10 Energy without a positive or negative charge. Try this: create the alpha brainwave state, visualize the exact counterpart thought, and merge the connection with your mind.

This concept could change the way humans behave and interact. Imagine what thinking and communication will be like 200 years from now. That’s fuel for life.

That’s Level-10 Energy.

Note: Please send me your experiences related to this topic so that we can learn more about it. 

Written by Gary Epler, bestselling author of Fuel for Life: Level-10 Energy



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