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The Eplerian Life Philosophy (ELP) is the basis for being your true authentic self and a new healthy way of liife. This means living at zero-level stress and a life filled with high energy, creativity, enjoyment, positive experiences, and extraordinary people. Live your best life at home, at work, and in the community. Join the 5-Day Zero Stress program or the 21-Day Extraordiary Life Program for a life-changing experience.


Good Thoughts Podcast


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Good Thoughts is a podcast about a positive life filled with creativity, high-energy, and enjoyment with Dr. Gary Epler hosted by Joan Epler.

Good Thoughts Podcast is based on the Eplerian Life Philosophy of "Know who you are moment by moment." This means know where you’re thinking from, and that’s who you are.

There are five locations to think from: your head, heart, gut, body, and the mind, which is outside the body. Learn to stop unhealthy primitive brain thinking from the head stress center.

Think like a human from your heart with kindness, giving, gratitude, appreciation, and empathy. Think from the mind with creativity to solve problems and help others, courage to be your true authentic self, and inspiration to improve the world.

This is a new way of life for extraordinary living.

Transformative Thinking Business Seminars

Bring Dr. Gary Epler to your company or organization for seminars and workshops.

Topics include

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Increased Productivity and Sales
  • Reframing the Job
  • Think from the Heart
  • Live in the Moment
  • Be Your True Self
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Meet Dr. Gary Epler

Dr. Gary Epler is America's Health Doctor. He is an internationally-known leader in peak performance and leadership. He is a best-selling author who has impacted the lives of people throughout the world through his speaking engagements, books, teaching, and consulting. He has been called upon by individuals from around the globe who have a rare lung disease called BOOP that he discovered. He has developed the "Eplerian Life Philosophy" which is a new way of life for people to live their best lives at home, at work, and in the community.