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Feeling Sad is Good, Feeling Bad is Not

Negative emotions are a part of life. Choose wisely which one you use. You may be going through a downturn in your life. You’ve lost your income source with more money going out than coming in. You’ve lost your job. You’ve lost someone you love. You feel bad. Everything aches. You walk slowly and your shoulders are slumped. You’re frustrated. You’re mad. You’re angry. You know these feelings don’t help, and you know everything will turn around, but you keep feeling bad taking up precious energy that you need to fix the problem. You need to review your emotions and find out which one is mak... Read More

Positive Word Cloud and Positive Social Interaction

                      Positive Word Cloud  Think, say, and write more positive words than negative words. The words you think, the words you say, and the words you text can add years to your life. It’s simple to do and costs nothing. During the 1930s, a group of people who wrote joyful and positive words in daily journals during their 20s lived ten years longer than their counterparts who wrote negative words. This is astounding finding, if medications or surgery had this outcome, these treatments would be consider a huge success. Thinking, saying, and writing more positive words than negat... Read More