Healthy Life

Lead a healthy life:

Follow the Eplerian Healthy Life Philosophy. Know who you are moment by moment, which means know where you're thinking from. That’s who you are. Learn to stop thinking about yourself from the stress center. Be your true self by thinking from the heart with kindness and giving, and thinking from the mind with courage, creativity to solve problems and help others, innovation to improve people's lives, and success.

These are ten habits for a healthy life:

1. Healthy nutrition lifestyle - Eat the right foods in the right amount at the right time prepared in a healthy manner. The right foods are foods that don’t cause inflammation. The right foods have no added sugar, no added salt, and no processed foods with omega-6 fats. Good foods include fiber and omega-3 fats. Organic foods are preferable.

2. Sleep 8.0 hours every night - It’s for high performance, creativity, and being kind to others. Having 8.0 hours of sleep every night is the best thing you can do for yourself. Here’s why: you need 6.0 hours to recharge the brain energy that is used up during the day. You need 2.0 hours for feelings from the heart with kindness and for the frontal lobe for doing the right thing, positive social judgment.

3. Exercise 1.0 hours every day. One hour of exercise will provide energy for the entire day. Mix it up with walking, running, treadmill, swimming, or elliptical; weights for all muscle groups; yoga stretches; cross-fit; and group classes.

4. Maintain high-level happiness. This means being content with your current situation moment by moment during good times and bad times. This can be difficult when you’ve lost your job, a close relationship, or your income; however, this is the time more than ever that you need to maintain high-level happiness - try being grateful for the people in your life. Be grateful for being alive because you can still be creative and engage in life. Give outside yourself. Volunteer. Help others. It’s good for your health and feels good.

5. Learn something new every day. Learn something outside your daily work and home life. Over the years, you’ll learn new ways to live a healthy life and help others.

6. Have compassion for yourself and others. Be kind to yourself, especially during troubling times. Think from the heart with kindness for yourself and others.

7. Positive communication is essential for a healthy lifestyle. This means both participants feel better after an interaction with no put-downs, no one-ups, and no destructive comments. Consider other people’s feelings with your comments, no one likes to feel weak or frail because of comments that you think may be helpful.

8. Have meaning in your life. Help others. Volunteer. Do something that you don’t get paid for. You’ll discover that it feels good. Give without expecting anything in return. This is thinking from the heart with kindness and giving.

9. Be engaged in life. This means know what you’re doing and where you’re going at all times. It’s purpose in life. It’s paying attention to the task in front of you and staying in your lane. No negative thoughts about other people or activities.

10. Be your true self at all times and live in the moment. Being your “true self” is the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else. It’s the healthiest thing you can do, and you’ll live a life filled with high energy, creativity, and enjoyment. Being your true self means no complaining, no criticizing, and no blame. It means not being upset with yourself or feeling sorry for yourself. It means not trying to be like someone else or trying to please others. It means no worry and feelings of guilt. It means making instant decisions, taking total responsibility, and unwavering commitment. It means people can trust you because you are your true self and always do what you say. You’re likeable and people want to be near you. Being your true self eliminates stress. The way to be your true self is learning to stop thinking from the head anger center and the head stress center. Stop thinking about yourself. “The more you stop thinking about yourself, the more you become your true self.” Think from the heart with kindness, caring, and giving. Think from the mind with courage, creativity to solve problems and help others, innovation to improve people’s lives, and success.

Dr. Gary Epler / Eplerian Life Philosophy