Your Mind Is Not Your Brain

Discover the transformative energy of kindness from your heart and creativity from your mind for living an extraordinary brimming with

Good Thoughts Podcast Season Four

Take charge of your life, maximize your social health, think from your heart with kindness, and think from the mind

Good Thoughts Podcast Season Three

Good Thoughts Podcast eBook

Good Thoughts Podcast Season Two

"Know Who You Are Moment by Moment – Be Your True Self.” Know who you are moment by moment. You

Good Thoughts Podcast Season One

Seven words that will change the world: "Know who you are moment by moment." You can know who you are

"Alive with Life"

A narrative roadmap for living an exhilarating life filled with high energy, creativity, enjoyment, positive experiences and extraordinary people.

Zoom Call with Dr. Gary Epler

20-minute Zoom call with Dr. Gary Epler.