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Eplerian Philosophy

The Eplerian Philosophy is a modern-day life philosophy defined as “know who you are moment by moment.” This means know where you're thinking from and that's who you are. You can only think from one place at any given time. The four places you can think from include the head brain, the heart, the belly brain, and the mind. 

The head brain: There are three brain regions you can be in moment by moment – the amygdala anger center, the cingulate self-thinking stress center, and the accumbens addiction center. You need to learn to stop thinking from these three regions. The function of the amygdala and cingulate is to save your life by instinctive behavior in a life-threatening situation. This primitive crocodile brain act by instinct requiring no active thinking. The amygdala and cingulate are not for being angry or thinking about yourself. Anger and stress from thinking about yourself have been learned since childhood. Thinking from these two regions is unhealthy, unproductive, and uninvolved friends and citizens.

You need to learn how not think from these two brain regions. How? Bypass the thinking. Additional new brain science has shown neuro tissue with decision making capability and feelings in two other places in the body – the heart and the belly. We’ve known about this for centuries. For example, phrases such as, listen to your heart or having a gut reaction. The third place is the mind, which is outside the body. Bypass anger thinking and self-centered thinking to thinking from the heart, the belly brain or the mind. 

The heart: The function of the heart is to keep itself healthy. The heart will do anything to keep healthy. This is with feelings and decision making. The feelings include kindness, empathy, giving, and appreciation. Other feelings include being grateful and forgiving. All of these feelings provide a healthy outcome for you and for others, and these feelings can be transmitted outside the body.

Listen to your heart for important decisions, and you’ll receive a single answer that is best for your health and best for your life. For example, you have a new job offer with a big title, money, and prestige. Think from the brain and you will have hours and hours of conflicting answers, not from the heart. There will be one clear answer, the right answer for your health.

Something triggers your anger center – someone yells at you, offends you, or makes you feel bad about yourself. Realize, they are angry, not you. Use empathy from your heart, don’t react from your head, respond from your heart by listening and moving on. Over time, this will become an automatic response.

You trigger the stress center by thinking about yourself with self-pity, resentment, jealousy, or even retaliation. Bypass these feelings by thinking from the heart by being kind to yourself with self-compassion. Give your time, give your energy, give your help. Be creative, use your mind, eliminate the thinking from the stress center.

The belly brain: Take advantage of your belly brain for healthy nutrition and risk management. Listen to your belly brain for eating the right foods in the right amount at the right time, and prepared in a health manner. This will result in eating foods with no added sugar, no added salt, and no processed omega-6 fats. Do you have a decision about a potential risky situation? Listen to the belly brain for the right choice. 

The mind: This is the most dramatic place to be. Need to solve a problem? Need to help someone? Need to make a new discovery? Use the mind. The mind is outside the body, and its major function is for creativity. Courage is one of the feelings associated with the mind. You’re feeling low or out of energy? Use the mind. Positive feelings associated with the mind include serenity, total calmness, and unconditional love.

The mind is outside the body, so, to use creativity and the feelings, you need to be in the alpha-brainwave state. This is the daydreaming state either by traditional eyes-closed, cross-legged meditation, or eyes open while on a treadmill or an elliptical, going for a hike, or a long swim. Eventually learn to be in the alpha-brainwave state spontaneously to use the mind on an as needed basis.

Considering these three other places to be, the function of the head brain is to improve our lives financially, not too little and not too much, and socially, with positive social interaction and close personal relationships. The brain does this by implementing the responses from the heart, the belly brain, and the mind.

Know who you are moment by moment. You can know who you are moment by moment because there are four places you can be, and you can only be in one place at a time. You can be in your head brain to improve your life, in your heart to stay healthy, in your belly brain to protect you, and in your mind for creativity. Learn to eliminate being in the unhealthy brain anger center, the self-thinking stress center, and the addiction center. Learn the function and feelings of the heart. Learn to listen to the nutrition and risk benefit advice from the belly brain. Learn how to use creativity and feelings of total calmness, peace, and unconditional love from the mind. This is a new way of life for extraordinary living.

Dr. Gary Epler, Boston 

Copyright ©2020-2022 by Gary R. Epler, M.D. All rights reserved.


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