Good Thoughts Podcast Season Three

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“Good Thoughts Podcast Season Three” eBbook is about a positive life filled with creativity, high energy, and enjoyment based on the Eplerian Life Philosophy with Dr. Gary Epler hosted by Joan Epler.

The health awareness topics include the benefits and applications of the Eplerian Life Philosophy, which is “know who you are moment by moment.” This means know where you're thinking from and that's who you are. There are five locations to think from that include the head, heart, gut, body, and mind, which is outside the body. Learn to quiet unhealthy thinking from the head anger center and stress center. Think from the heart with kindness and giving. Think from the mind with courage, creativity to solve problems and help others, and innovation to improve people's lives.

Specific topics include good health habits, eliminating harmful effects of stress, attention, innovation, your face tells the world who you are, how to live in the moment, lifechanging soft skills and social skills, proprioception, be yourself and not your job title, selling from the heart, and the Eplerian Life Philosophy for health and happiness. This is a new way of life for extraordinary living at home, at work, and in the community.

Dr. Gary Epler