Good Thoughts Podcast Season One

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Seven words that will change the world: "Know who you are moment by moment." 

You can know who you are moment by moment because there are four places you can be, and you can only be in one place at a time. You can be in your head brain to improve your life, in your heart to stay healthy, in your belly brain to protect you, and in your mind for creativity. Learn to eliminate being in the brain anger center, the self-thinking stress center, and the addiction center. Learn the function and feelings of the heart. Learn to listen to nutrition and risk-benefit advice from the belly brain. Learn how to use creativity and feelings of total calmness, peace, and unconditional love from the mind. This is a new way of life for extraordinary living.

Chapters include:

  1. Self-Healing: Learn it Now!                                                     
  2. Positive Social Interaction Made Easy
  3. Boost Your Sleep Power                                                         
  4. Use Your Mind, Alpha-Brainwave Meditation Time      
  5. Optimism for Life!                                                         
  6. High-level Happiness Always                                                     
  7. Disaster Stress Recovery: Do it Now! 
  8. Build Your Own New Habit                                                      
  9. Courage to Be Your True Self                                          
  10. Magical Calm of Breathing 
  11. Feelings from the Heart                               
  12. Your Belly Brain Knows Nutrition and Risks 
  13. Explore Your Mind 
  14. Empathy for an Improved World 
  15. Eplerian Philosophy for an Extraordinary Life