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August 20, 2012

Level-10 Energy Day: Feel Your Best Now

Do you want to know about an amazing discovery that will change your life? It’s Level-10 Energy. It’s the energy of the universe. I discovered this through years of research looking for a way people can improve their lives. Level-10 Energy is fuel for life! Start with a Level-10 Energy day.

What's a Level-10 Energy day? It's an amazing day. It’s one of those days you love to have – everything goes well, you’re on top of the world, nothing bothers you, and you can accomplish anything! You're alive with energy. Your mind is generating positive energy. Nothing goes wrong. Annoying problems don't develop. You talk to people and people talk to you. You listen to people and people listen to you. You help people. People help you. Your work creates energy. You’re forgiving. You’re grateful. You’re creative. You enjoy life.

How do you have a Level-10 Energy Day? The sources of energy are everywhere. You just need to know how to use them. Five steps will provide a good start. Eight hours of sleep. One hour of vigorous exercise to the best of your ability. Eat the right foods for energy including lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and slow-burn carbohydrates. Learn something new every day. Use the power of the mind to create unlimited energy. There are sources of energy you use every day and don't even know it, finding out what they are will give you a huge amount of Level-10 Energy. 

What is Level-10 Energy? It’s the hologram energy of the universe that is expanding every day. It's subatomic packets of energy containing the whole of the universe, and each energy packet is identical melding together creating Level-10 Energy. 

Let's hear about your Level-10 Energy Day!

Gary Epler






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