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October 04, 2013

Level-10 Energy Thinking

  Have you every thought about a childhood friend or a college roommate and the phone rings or an email arrives within a few minutes, and it's your friend?  How does this happen?  Is it a statistical chance - no, the numbers are too large, you have 300 thoughts per minute, which would be 4.5 billion thoughts in 30 years, it's not going to happen by chance. What about transporting these thoughts by brainwaves? No, brainwaves are too slow and can't travel thousands of miles. The answer is Epler's Level-10 Energy.

How? Level-10 energy consists of subatomic gregarious packets of pure energy, each one identical, containing all information from the past, current, and future time. Therefore, as you have the thought about your friend or roommate, each Level-10 Energy packet in the universe instantly contains that thought, so your friend can instantly have the same thought.

Let me know about your Level-10 Energy experiences.

Gary Epler     


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