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Is there a way business executives can be more effective, inspiring leaders
and employees can be more productive and creative people?

YES, by being their true selves.
As Chief of Medicine at a prominent Boston hospital and a Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. Gary Epler has been dedicated to improving lives. Through years of studying science tech and research, he has discovered that being our true selves can alleviate the stress and unhappiness many of us feel, the lack of energy we experience, and the obstacles and challenges we find on the path to personal and professional fulfillment.

How does being our true selves make this possible?
The notion of being our true selves goes back 4,000 years carved in granite. Later Greek philosophers championed that knowing who we are from the heart brings enlightenment, enjoyment, and wisdom. The Eplerian philosophy is “know who you are moment by moment” which means know where you’re thinking from and that’s who you are. This allows you to be your true self, thinking outward from the heart with kindness and giving instead of focusing internally on yourself, your problems, and trying to please others. This stops stress and allows high performance and innovation, and ultimately provides more energy and joy at home and at work.

So, how can we become our true selves?
Dr. Epler offers a program that not only explains his “Eplerian philosophy” of being our true selves but also for the first time in 4000 years provides an easy-to-apply method for becoming our true selves. This was developed from observing that people can learn to know who they are moment by moment by knowing where they’re thinking from. Our brains have distinct, independent regions, and we can only think from one region at a time, not the entire brain. If you’re angry, you’re thinking from the amygdala anger center. If you’re stressed, you’re thinking about yourself from the cingulate stress center. If people learn to stop thinking about themselves from the cingulate stress center, they are healthier, more productive in their jobs, three times more creative, enjoy life more, and they’re better friends and citizens. Dr. Epler went on to realize that we can think from four locations and only one at a time: the head, the heart, the gut, and the mind, which is outside the body.  Learn to stop thinking from the head and think from the heart with kindness and giving, and from the mind with creativity, courage, and success.

Could this be the key to personal and professional success and happiness?
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Dr. Gary Epler is a best-selling author, successful physician and entrepreneur, and Harvard Medical School professor with extensive knowledge in health, nutrition, peak performance, and leadership. Through his award-winning public speaking, podcast, books, teaching, consulting, and healthcare companies, he has impacted businesses and the lives of people throughout the world. His Eplerian Philosophy of being our true selves helps business executives and employees achieve a new, healthier way of life at home, work, and in the community.

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