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March 15, 2016

Heal Yourself

          Epler Health

Machines are built to repair themselves, and so can you.

At any given time, people have something that needs some healing attention. Healing is the process of restoring physical health from injury or disease and restoring mental and emotional health. Healing is a state of mind, and you can use your mind to help with healing.

 Two basic requirements. Before talking about healing, you need to do two things. First, learn everything you can about the anatomy of the injury or the mechanism of the disease process from your doctor and review of established evidence-based websites. Second, use your best medical treatment option available, such as antibiotics, medications or surgery. Ask your doctor questions about the injury or disease, about the diagnostic process, how to monitor the process, and the treatment options including the natural history of the process. Ask questions until you thoroughly understand the answers. This will help you be in charge of the situation and begin healing.

Use your mind for healing. You need to have a positive approach to the injury or illness. Tell yourself, you can take charge and successfully manage this situation. Remember, in some situations, you may not be able to cure it, but you can always manage it, and that’s good enough. Anger and a negative approach causes the neurolinguistic trap. This occurs from repeatedly thinking of and verbalizing anger and negative feelings (complaining) about the illness. This counterproductive activity establishes a bad neuropathway sending you down the road of perpetual aggravation and worsening the process. A positive approach neuropathway sends you down the road to strength and control. Use compassion as a companion approach. Have compassion, not anger, for your injury or diseased organ system.  

Controlled breathing. Use controlled breathing. Breathe silently and equally in and out, without holding your breath at the top or the bottom of the breath.  Move your lower abdomen out as you inhale, also called belly breaths. This will decrease stress which will help the healing process. 

Visualization. This can be used to help healing especially while in the alpha- or theta-brainwave state. These relaxed brainwave states help manage fear which is a huge initial part of an injury or illness. There are several ways to use visualization, and you can develop your own. Here are four examples. First, mentally send healing energy to the specific body part that needs healing such as the elbow or knee or the organ system such as the heart. Learn about the anatomy or the illness because the more specific, the better. Second, visualize replacing dysfunctional and abnormal cells with new healthy cells. Begin with one cell, then two, four, eight until you reached millions. Third, visualize repairing damaged DNA in your cells as future cells will be healthy. Finally, with your mind, reignite your dormant healing genes involved in the injury or disease process. 

Persist. The healing component of an injury or disease process can have a powerful influence in your life and if successful can restore your physical, mental, and emotional health. Healing is a state of mind, keep learning new ways to use your mind for healing.

Gary R. Epler, M.D. Best-selling author of “Fuel for Life: Level-10 Energy


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